Health + Nutrition
Sloppy & Fake Science
How dishonest nutrition and supplement companies are compromising industry credibility.
- Nutrition Business Journal
Under the Influence
Sports nutrition and weight management brands face challenges in influencer marketing...
- Nutrition Business Journal
Supplements for Gamers
Supplements market for Esports has high-score potential.
- Nutrition Business Journal
Painful Politics of Stillborns
Cherie has photos of her daughter at birth, a lock of hair, handprints, footprints – but no birth certificate...
- San Francisco Chronicle
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Homelessness  +  Social Services
Broken "Jukebox"
Musical icon is discovered living in a dump under a piano.
-SF Chronicle
Two Decades of Failure
A painful journey for a city with the nation's worst homeless crisis.
- SF Chronicle
SF Assessor Hires Campaign Backers
Investigation finds assessor hired and promoted campaign contributors. - SF Chronicle
$11.6 Millon
The costs of sending paramedics to help homeless alcoholics.
- SF Chronicle
Silent Passage
For 17 years, Sheila cared for comatose son at home...
- Torrance Daily Breeze
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Youth  +  Education 
Invisible Majority
Bayview Hunters Point has highest density of children – and most underserved. - SF Chronicle
Taunted girl's plight illustrates painful phenomenon and sparks...
- SF Chronicle
Fluid Thinking About Gender Identity
When is it OK for boys to be girls, and girls to be boys? Schools...
- SF Chronicle
The Poop
Tongue-in-cheek (mostly)
parenting blog. - SF Gate
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